X Afternoon of Entrepreneurship

The X Afternoon of Entrepreneurship UC took place at the Auditorium 10 of the Casa Central Campus. In this competition organized by Friends of the Catholic University, undergraduate students of the University presented their projects of entrepreneurship and innovation.

This year there were seven teams competing. The first three places obtained a diploma of honor and prices of USD $600, $400, and $250 respectively.

Each team pitched their project in English through a five minutes presentation and then answered question from the jury.

Some of the innovative ideas included an online platform that allows the user to commercialize different consumer’s products; an online space focused on university communities in Chile; and a start-up to celebrate children’s birthdays, within others.

This year the jury was composed by the Friends UC Board members Sava and Roger Thomas, Esperanza Cueto, Juan Carlos Capello, and Kirkpatrick MacDonald, along with the Finance and Management Vicerector Patricio Donoso.

Jurado_TEJury 2014

The third place was for the Vlitzer group, conformed by Felipe Leiva and Joan Dagá, who presented an innovative social network for parties and nightlife that simplifies the planning for a night out. Joaquín Verdugo, Bárbara Barra, and Denise Rastelli (from Jump UC) obtained the second place for their venture Diza, a shoe store for women where clients can have made a unique and perfect pair of shoes. Francisca Carpentier, also winner of Jump UC, obtained the first place. Her project Boleta Verde (Green Receipt) is the first online platform that generates electronic receipts for in-store purchases.


Esperanza Cueto y Francisca Carpentier, First Place.

Joaquín Vergudo and Bárbaba Barra, Second Place, with Juan Carlos Capello

Felipe Leiva and Joan Dagá, third place, with Kirkpatrick MacDonald