UC Endowment Fund

Building the UC of tomorrow for a better country

In the context of the 130th anniversary of the founding of the Catholic University in Chile, the University launched a fundraising campaign to create an endowment fund, which will allow the University to expand and deepen its work with greater autonomy and a longer-term vision.

The latest QS World University Rankings places the UC as 121 st  among the world’s universities, which confirms UC’s position as the leading university in Chile. The University needs an endowment if it is to continue building a quality institution, with international projection that contributes to the development of Chile and the region.

Sava Thomas, the President of Friends UC, noted that she and the other board members applaud the UC Endowment initiative: “Many universities from other countries in the same category as UC have endowments that allow them to have confidence in their future funding, without having to depend on the State or others for support. We think it is very important that a university of the size and quality of the UC have a project of this type that will help to ensure its future”.

The endowment will be directed to three areas: (1) academic development, especially the hiring of new professors, (2) research and innovation on issues of national and global importance, especially in those academic areas where Government funding is insufficient or non-existent, and (3) financial aid to vulnerable students who have the talent, but lack the resources to pursue their dreams.

The first goal was to raise $30 million by 2019, which was met thanks individual -mainly UC alumni- and business contributions. The next goal is to collect the equivalent of US $50 million by 2023.

How can I make a contribution?

If you would like to make a donation to the Endowment Fund, you can make a deposit to Friends UC account earmarked “Endowment”.