Cristobal Conde Scholarship


The Cristóbal Conde Scholarship was created in 2013 as part of a series of initiatives implemented to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Catholic University. It is one of many pro-inclusion measures developed by the University.

In Chile, the percentage of family income spent on higher education reaches very high levels; thus it is very difficult for low-income students to pursue their college studies in the university system. The State finances a percentage of tuition fees through scholarships that cover what is termed the “reference fee”, as determined by the State. The difference between this fee and the tuition fee actually charged by the institution, which reflects its costs, is called the “gap”, and must be covered by each student or by the university admitting them.

The University’s goal is to cover the totality of this gap for the students whose families earn on average, less than US$ 1,100 per month, representing 16% of its budget, in order that economical restrictions do not represent a hurdle for academically talented students coming from less privileged academic and/or economic backgrounds. Also, to provide these students with the means to study and thrive at both personal and professional levels and, in the long run, to contribute to the development of the country.

In this sense, the grant is directed at students who enter the university having built an outstanding academic track record during both their school years and the university selection process. Besides providing grantees enough means to cover their entire university fees for the official duration of their programme of study, students have access to personal tutoring and upgrading programmes in order to help them overcome potential academic flaws and as well as possible adaptation problems that might affect their performance at the University.

This grant has been made possible thanks to the financial support provided by Friends of Catholic University in Chile, Inc. and the generous donation made by Cristóbal Conde, a successful North American businessman who was born in Chile and sits on the board of the Foundation.

Friends is seeking additional funding for this scholarship program in order to allow that more outstanding students may gain access to the University. To achieve this goal we invite you to be part of this Scholarship Program by making a donation to Friends, for example of:

All donors will be informed about the advance of the Project and also about the funds collected for its implementation. They will also be invited to be part of “Friends of Friends”.

All donors will be informed about the advance of the Project and also about the funds collected for its imp