Project Endowment

July 2018

Project Endowment has already raised half of its goal

Two years ago, the ambitious project of creating an endowment fund began, with the aim of ensuring the future of the University in the long term and thus continuing to contribute to the development of Chile.

During this time, important advances have been made: the UC Endowment Board was formed, a campaign was launched to disseminate the project among alumni and friends of the University, and potential collaborators were contacted, resulting in some significant initial contributions.

The President of the University, Ignacio Sánchez, during his public account, reported that half of the initial goal of US$30 million by 2018 has already been raised. “To date we have received US$15 million and we have US$ 7 million more in promised donations; we expect to reach US $25 million. For 2019, we have a total of US$3 million pledged, to which we hope to add US$5 million more. This endowment fund will be very important for the development of UC.”

This challenging project will allow to continue building a world-class university, through research and innovation that will help solve the main problems of the country, attracting the best academic talent that enhances teaching, and increasing inclusion through maintenance scholarships.