New Congregational leaders of CHRISTUS Health visit the University

September 2015

As part of the development of its Faculty of Medicine, and addressing the challenges of an increasingly competitive Chilean health care market, the Catholic University in Chile decided in 2012 to start working together with CHRISTUS Health, an international Catholic, not-for-profit health system, owned by the Sisters of Charity of The Incarnate Word from San Antonio and Houston, Texas, in its Health-Care Services Network.

The partnership has been evolving positively during the last years, and this last September 2015 the new Congregational leaders, Sisters Kevina Keaton and Teresa Maya, visited the University and the Network so as to learn on site about the advancements.

Foto News 2 Sisters CHRISTUS (1)

President Ignacio Sánchez, Provost Patricio Donoso, Sisters Teresa Maya and Kevina Keating are joined by CHRISTUS Health Leadership members during their visit to the Health Network of the Pontifical Catholic University in Chile.

Sisters Kevina and Teresa could visit the Network operations, and were also informed about the future plans for the Network, which include among other initiatives a renovation of the main hospital, an expansion of Clínica San Carlos and a new Mothers and Children´s Hospital.

The Salud UC CHRISTUS Network consists of two hospital campuses totaling approximately 600 beds, as well as 11 outpatient centers and a large laboratory and imaging services network, making it one of the largest health systems in Chile. In addition to providing medical services, it is the main teaching campus of the University’s medical school, recognized as the premier school for the training of medical professionals in Chile and one of the best in Latin America.

CHRISTUS Health is headquartered in Dallas and is comprised of almost 350 services and facilities, including more than 60 hospitals and long-term care facilities, 175 clinics and outpatient centers and dozens of other health ministries and ventures, with a presence in the south of the US and Mexico. The system employs approximately 30,000 Associates and has over 9,500 physicians on facility medical staffs who provide care and support for patients.