Natural Sciences and Mathematics

UC color-01The main research efforts in the Mathematics Department are focused on algebra, complex analysis, numerical analysis, differential equations, geometry, logic, probability, stochastic analysis, mathematical physics, dynamical systems, scattering theory, and operator theory.

The main lines of research in the Statistics Department are biostatistics and epidemiology; statistical genetics; statistical inference; semi parametric Bayesian methods; longitudinal data models; psychometrics and educational measurement; time series and econometrics; and statistical theory in elliptical and skew-elliptical models.


The School of Biologic Sciences participates in the following projects: aging and rejuvenation; molecular nourishment and chronic diseases; interdisciplinary global change; addiction studies; science and innovation in vegetal biotechnology; neurosciences; and trans-locational oncological, genomics, and bioinformatic research.


Since the early 90’s the School of Physics has worked in the Experimental Physics Strengthening Program. This initiative has been funded by the Andes Foundation and developed by the Chilean Physics Society. It currently focuses on Plasma Physics and Condensed Matter labs.

The University also constructed in 1992 a building exclusively designated for experimental physics, where most of the research laboratories are located. These labs have impelled new lines of research in the country, including quantic optics, experimental plasma physics, and medical physics.