Friends of Catholic University in Chile, Inc.



Dear Alumni and Friends of UC:

We are writing to inform you about a new initiative that the Catholic University is undertaking in order to strengthen and broaden the university community as part of the University’s new Development Plan. This Plan has as one of its principal focuses the internationalization of the University and its expanding participation in the global community.  As part of this initiative, we would like to invite you to form part of a network of alumni and friends of the University in the United States.

To build and preserve a great university, it is important that everyone who has participated in the University continues to feel part of it and committed to its future development. To this end, we are working with Friends of Catholic University in Chile, Inc. (“Friends-UC”) to form “Friends of Friends-UC” to serve as a point of contact between the University and its alumni and friends in the United States. Friends-UC is a U.S. foundation that has been providing support to the University for more than two decades, facilitating the transfer of knowledge and experience from the United States and contributing resources for scholarships, centers of investigation and other projects. (see:

To strengthen ties with the University, we would like to send you information about the activities and development projects of the University. We would also like to offer you opportunities such as access to the University Library and its extensive collections of specialized magazines and electronic texts.  

In order to learn the areas of your interest, and to hear your views about this new initiative, we hope that you will click on the following link and answer a brief survey. If you know other alumni or friends of the University who live in the United States and who would be interested in joining our university community, please let us know – they would be most welcome.

One of the challenges facing the University is to establish and maintain a permanent dialogue with its university community –students, professors and administrative staff. It is important for us to reach out to you, the alumni and friends of the University living in the United States, because of the valuable contribution that you can make to our institution.

We hope that you will accept our invitation to join in this new initiative – a simple click of the link above will get us together.


Sava Thomas
President Friends UC
Ignacio Sanchez
President UC