Elige Educar

Elige Educar is a project based in the Center of Public Policy of Catholic University whose purpose is to guarantee that every child gets to be educated by great teachers. The work of Elige Educar is very urgent today, since according to data from the same organization, the lack of teachers in the coming years in Chile could reach 19% of the professionals required by the school system.

To achieve its vision, Elige Educar, which has been actively supported by Friends UC over several years, is working on three strategic areas: ​

  • Attraction of high-performing students to the teaching career: Elige Educar seeks to attract young people with high academic performance and vocation to the teaching career, to invite them to become part of a strategic and transformative profession.
  • Improving the social status of teaching: Elige Educar strives to establish a culture of respect and appreciation for the work of early childhood teachers and educators.
  • Advocate for public policies that improve teachers’ working conditions: the organization promotes changes in public and institutional policies to influence the development of improvements in teaching conditions and attract and retain talented and motivated teachers to remain in the classroom.

All this translates into both research and several projects, such as the vocational accompaniment program “Quiero Ser Profe” (I want to be a teacher), the Global Teacher Prize Chile, mass communication campaigns and the project “Ideas Docentes” (Teaching Ideas), among others.

How can I make a contribution?

If you would like to make a donation to Elige Educar, you can make a deposit to Friends UC account earmarked “Elige Educar”.