Catholic University in Chile

History of Catholic University in Chile


The Catholic University in Chile was founded on June 21, 1888 to offer training in traditional professions and in technological and practical fields such as business, accounting, chemistry, and electricity. The Catholic University, the second oldest university in Chile, is a private institution of higher education and research and open to people of all creeds.

The University has always aimed to provide a solid education, founded in the sciences, arts, humanities and ethics. Thus, it aims for its students to be not only technically and scientifically prepared, but also to take on their social and personal responsibilities as citizens of Chile and the world. The University has an ongoing commitment to quality, not to be better, but to better serve.

The University’s 18 Schools are distributed on four campuses in Santiago and one regional campus located in southern Chile. Over the last few years the University’s leadership in research and graduate programs has had considerable influence on the country’s cultural and scientific development. It is the top university in Chile and has been ranked among the top three universities in the Spanish speaking world.

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