Arts, Architecture and Humanities

UC color-01The School of Communications has developed two Fondef(1)  projects, and between 1986 and 2011 obtained 40% of the Fondef projects assigned in the area. The School has had an active role in initiatives that promote the development and growth of the audiovisual industry in Chile, primarily through the Audiovisual Action Program. This program has established more than 90 projects, which have been funded by governmental, national, and international institutions.

(1) Fund for the Promotion of Science and Technology


The School of Law has become renowned for its publications, such as Legal and Social Chronicles, Research Bulletin, and the Chilean Law Journal. The latter is the oldest of its kind in the country and the only journal of law in Spanish that is ISI indexed. Also, the School has contributed to the establishment of other law schools in the country (Valparaiso and Talcahuano), and was a pioneer in introducing innovative courses such as Political and Social Economics, Aeronautics Law, and Tax Law. The School created one of the first examples of clinical teaching in the country through the Department of Legal Practices  and Assistance.


The School of Education has developed its research capacity through the Center for the Study of Policies and Practices in Education (CEPPE). This interdisciplinary research Center  has helped define best practices for the training of educators; has improved the capacity to produce educational investigation; has increased the number of scientific publications; and has reinforced academic relations with local, national and international communities.


The School of Letters  publishes “Letters  Workshop”. This journal serves as an open space for emerging researchers, and is catalogued in HAPI (Hispanic American Periodical Index), HLAS (Handbook of Latin American Studies), Latin Index, and Thompson Reuter (ISI).

During 2013 – with the support of FONDECYT (2) – the faculty of the School of Letters developed a dozen research projects. Some of the topics in literature were: the relationship between popular music and border literature; national essay identity; culinary heritage; Mapuche poetry; landscape narratives; and masculinity and literary tradition.

Some of the topics of research in linguistics were: an analysis of Chilean slang; the presentation of history in school texts; and the construction of the language of social media language. The FONDART (3) project of Jorge Díaz also contributed to these investigations.

(2) National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development.
(3) Development Fund for Artistic Promotion, Cultural Diffusion and Preservation of Heritage.