131st Anniversary

President Ignacio Sánchez presents Annual Account 2018

Julio de 2019

The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile celebrated its 131st anniversary, occasion on which UC President, Ignacio Sánchez, delivered his Annual Account 2018, highlighting the main achievements of the past year. President Sánchez specifically referred to the effort the university has made regarding the promotion of gender equality within the institution. Likewise, he emphasized the implementation of protocols, regulations and policies that strive to educate and prevent any kind of sexual violence. He also talked about UC’s catholic identity, stating that the goal of the institution is to educate the student body in the values of integrity, active involvement in Chile’s development, common-good orientation and interest in the public sphere.

In his account, President Sánchez also reflected on university teaching and its future in a context that demands permanent innovation. In this regard, he said that this challenge must be faced with the development of new ways of teaching that fulfil the goal of increasing UC students’ level of academic achievement.

“The Catholic University has an important public commitment to which it has to answer,” concluded President Sánchez, adding that the key role the university has had in Chile’s higher education demands keeping this leadership, with a special focus on social equality.