UC President Ignacio Sánchez visits the University of Notre Dame

October 2015

The UC President, Ignacio Sánchez, was welcomed at the University of Notre Dame by its President Reverend John I. Jenkins, C.S.C. who announced that he would visit Chile and the UC in 2016.

Foto President Notre Dame (1)

President Sánchez was received by the President of the University of Notre Dame, Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., who announced his visit to UC in 2016.

The President started a two-day visit at the University of Notre-Dame and attended many work meetings. Some of the subjects discussed included the existing exchange program for academics that has proved very popular throughout areas and faculties, as well as common research projects. An interest was expressed to increase bilateral academic collaboration, develop new interdisciplinary lines of research and discuss the evelopment of collaboration agreements between the two universities.

There are various existing agreements between the UC and the University of Notre-Dame: the Bilateral Exchange Program, the Unilateral Exchange Program (Study Abroad Program), the Program of Collaboration and Exchange in Law, the Joint PhDs in Engineering Sciences, and the Agreement Program that financially supports the exchange of academics between the two universities. This last program is funded by the Luksic Foundation and encourages exchange among Catholic universities, including Notre-Dame.

Since 1997 and the first student exchange, the UC has welcomed 780 Notre-Dame students but just 10 UC students have travelled to Notre-Dame as the agreement only became reciprocal last year. Moreover, since the launch of the UC-ND Academic Exchange Program, 10 academics from various UC faculties were able to travel to ND. Doctoral students and staff from the Vice-President’s office have also benefited from these agreements.