Leading the Way Program & Scholarships


The Leading the Way Program & Scholarships offers intensive English training to UC undergraduate students from vulnerable sectors of society, with a special focus on the American cultural context. The University is offering this training in cooperation with Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Students selected for this program come from a variety of undergraduate programs and have attained outstanding results throughout their studies at the University despite coming from very disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds. They have taken advantage of the compulsory English courses offered by the University early in their studies and they stand out for having achieved remarkable progress in the English language in a relatively short amount of time.

The first stage of the Leading the Way Program & Scholarships consists of local training in the English language lasting one semester and a half, which allows students to strengthen their knowledge of the language as well as to gain insight into the American culture mainly through discussions and group work. This stage also includes the Global Classroom, a program that promotes the exchange of ideas and cultural interaction between students from UC and Drexel University, increasing the exposure that students from both countries have with native speakers of the language they are studying.

The second stage offers the opportunity to study abroad at Drexel University for four weeks. The program consists of 21 hours of English language classes per week, as well as an afternoon leadership case study, in which the students will meet in small groups with different types of leaders (academic, business, community) to enhance their leadership skills.

Finally, students returning from the study abroad experience will mentor and share experiences with subsequent generations of Leading the Way participants.

Leading the Way Program & Scholarships relies on the support of generous donors such as you. All donors will be kept informed about the Project and also about the funds collected for its implementation.

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Note: the cost of providing a full scholarship, everything included, is of aprox. US$8.000.

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