News from the Endowment UC Project

Because knowing and understanding the Endowment UC Project is key to attracting more people to join in, a new social media, search engine marketing, and mailing campaign is under way, with positive results. Additionally, Mr. Alfonso Swett has been appointed director, replacing Mr. Francisco Silva.

For a project like the UC Endowment to be fruitful, the participation of the university community across its spectrum and scope is central. With that in mind, the 2021 communication campaign targeted at UC graduates is underway through digital platforms such as social networks, mailings and search engine marketing.

«It is key to convey the relevance and meaning of the UC Endowment as a means to promote inclusion, to strengthen research that will benefit an entire country, and in that sense, we want to have the support of those who are part of Universidad Católica,” said the Director of Projects and Philanthropy, Mónica Arellano. For this reason, the first communication effort has been aimed at explaining to people what equity reserve funds are in general, and more specifically ours. This has been done through an animated video in which the initiative and its scope are detailed in a graphic and simple way.

Furthermore, strategies such as search engine marketing are in place. Thanks to this, when users write keywords in google related to the project –“endowments in Chile” or “scholarships UC,” for instance- the first result that will appear on the screen will be the project’s website. This initiative is connected with the redesign of the site, which will be more modern, user-friendly, and in line with the university’s image. 

The Endowment UC Board, meanwhile, also has some news. Mr. Alfonso Swett Opazo was appointed director, replacing Mr. Francisco Silva, who finished his tenure. Mr. Swett is a Chilean businessman, graduated from Universidad Católica and MBA from Duke University. He is currently a director of companies such as Forus, Hortifrut and Inmobiliaria Costanera. 

Additionally, Mr. Swett has done outstanding association work representing the business world. Between 2018 and 2020, he was president of the Confederation for Production and Commerce of Chile (CPC, as per its acronym in Spanish) and is currently a member of the board of the Chilean Industrial Development Society (Sofofa, as per its acronym in Spanish).