Leading The Way, Year 4 has begun!

September 2018

Classes began in August of this year, with over 200 applicants, a record high number for the Center. We could only select 20 candidates from an impressive pool of students. Our year 4 cohort of students all diligently attending classes every Friday to embark on this amazing scholarship program.

We have initiated our rounds of Global Classroom Sessions where our Leading-the-wayers connect via live streaming with their University of Drexel counterparts. This has always been one of the most exciting components of the program because students get to interact with one another and begin to foster international relationships, which on many occasions develop into life long friendships!

Soon students will begin to create their professional portfolios, with reference letters and application essays for the study abroad component of the program.

However, by far the biggest challenge is the face-to-face interviews with Board Members and English UC staff, since the Leading-the-wayers have to keep their nerves in check!

It is always an exciting time to be around these amazing individuals… they are so talented and so committed to making a difference in the world that it is incredible to hear their life stories and future plans. Unfortunately, we can only send on average between 10-12 candidates per year, depending on funding. This is a little over half of the class and in the future we hope that complimentary corporate sponsorship and local fundraising efforts will allow us to reach our goal of sending all 20 candidates to the US.

It is important to mention that Drexel University is also committed to the program and they have reduced their tuition prices and will be sponsoring the cost of one candidate for this year. We are thrilled that this joint partnership with Drexel has been so successful over the years. For this 4th year group, the Leading-the-wayers will be travelling 5 weeks between: Saturday January 12th to Saturday February 16th.