Gandarillas Collection

June 2018

The Gandarillas Collection exhibition was inaugurated at the National Museum of Fine Arts of Santiago

As part of the activities to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the University, the exhibition of viceregal art: Travesía de la fe. Arte y cristianización en el sur andino [Journey of Faith. Art and Christianization in the Southern Andes,] was inaugurated at the National Museum of Fine Arts of Santiago.

Unprecedented in term of its size, Travesía de la fe brings together 160 pieces of viceregal art including paintings, sculptures, silverware and furniture. The host Roberto Farriol opened the speeches by pointing out the value and importance of the Joaquín Gandarillas Infante Collection. He described it as “one of the most significant viceregal art collections of Chile, Bolivia and Peru.”

Before opening the doors of the south hall for the public to visit the five rooms that make up the exhibition, the University Rector presented the authorities, and the permanent curator of the collection and exhibition, Isabel Cruz, a copy of Travesía de la fe, a book by Ediciones UC especially published for the occasion, which highlights the 639 pieces that make up the collection.