Esperanza Cueto Plaza


Esperanza Cueto is a shareholder in Cueto Holding, the controller of LAN Airlines. She holds a B.S. in Law from Diego Portales University.

Ms. Cueto is a board member of Costa Verde Aeronautica and President and of “Comunidad Mujer”, of which she was the founder.  Comunidad Mujer is devoted to the promotion of policies to achieve greater participation of women in the private and public spheres in Chile through their full integration into the labor and political worlds.

She is also Director of Prodemu and Participa Corporation. Ms. Cueto serves in a variety of advisory and trustee positions including the American Solidarity Council and the Advisory Council for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in Chile.

She is president of the Foundation Colunga, a Spanish entity that finances educational and poverty relief programs.