Conde Scholarships: encountering new challenges

September 2018

Since its establishment in 2013, the Conde Scholarship has benefited 90 vulnerable students with 40 “Bridge the Gap” grants (scholarships covering the difference between the government-sponsored stipend and the actual tuition cost) and 50 financial-aid scholarships, for students that have shown outstanding academic excellence in both the school and university level. Currently, the selection process for 2018 is underway, which will benefit 55 new students: 50 financial-aid scholarships, and 5 “Bridge the Gap” grants plus financial-aid scholarships.

Today, some of the recipients are preparing to exercise their profession and contribute to society with what they are passionate about.

Camila Rodríguez Umanzor is a Kindergarten Teacher and works in a school where she is in charge of 30 children.
“Today, thanks to your trust and support, I became the professional I always wanted to be, with a stable job, thousands of goals and dreams, but above all, I became the type of person who values and appreciates others, those others who need you and those who can lend you a hand. I believe is important to give back and I feel that today I am doing it in a classroom with 30 small children who will one day follow their dreams and to whom I say every day how important it is to never give up.”

Javiera Inostroza is in her last year of Nursing, performing her internship.
“I’ve always been involved in volunteering activities that seek to promote the health of people and help them in what they need most. Somehow, I feel I am giving back to those who made this dream of studying for free possible, by selflessly helping by sharing my knowledge. Now I realize that it is the same thing that the Friends Foundation and Mr. Cristóbal Conde want to do: help those students who do not have enough resources to fulfill their dreams. Without this tremendous opportunity that they gave me, I would never have had the necessary knowledge to help others.”

Ignacio Galarce studied acting and graduated in December 2017. He is working as an assistant in two undergraduate courses, and in the extension workshops of the UC School of Theater. He is in two plays and is starting to work in the area of theater production and management.
“Studying theater meant a great change in my life. They were four difficult and very demanding years in my academic and personal life. While many classmates were worried about how to finance their studies or did not have money to buy wardrobe and had to work and study at the same time, I only had to worry about studying and making an effort, because there was someone who -without knowing me- believed in me and was supporting me throughout this process. And that person was Cristóbal Conde. On behalf of my family, especially my parents, thank you, sincerely.”